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Restaurant Hood & Exhaust Cleaning

In addition to the Fire Protection Services we offer Restaurant Hood & Exhaust Cleaning. The intervals typically are monthly, quarterly or semi annual but never should a cleaning be overlooked for more than 6 months. Cleaning your grease filters should be a Bi-weekly task to maintain them.

Fire Code NFPA 96 states...
National fire code standards require cleaning when 1/12" of grease is present in any part of the system and considers 1/8" of grease critical. FYI - 1/8" is the equivalent of 2 dimes stacked flat.

During the service, our technicians will note any inaccessible areas, open and clean access panels, and we will work with you to develop a plan to make them accessible and safe. All fans must be able to tilt backwards with a proper stopping mechanism for proper cleaning of the fan blades, and the duct. Techs will protect the cooking equipment under the hood, fan motor, grease guard and other equipment on the roof while cleaning.

Contact our Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Department to arrange a complimentary Kitchen Exhaust System evaluation.

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