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Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Restaurant Kitchen
Fire Suppression Systems

New Installations

If you are thinking of opening a Restaurant or have an existing location undergoing renovations -  Your Fire Suppression system should be carefully designed to fit the approved plans submitted to the AHJ.

Our pricing will be ideal for your budget, Installation aligning with your project schedule and most importantly the Wet Chemical System(s) will comply with the NFPA -17A and NFPA 96 [Latest Edition], State and local Authorities.


Having the Fire Marshal unexpectedly show up and ask for your semi annual inspection report happen this year? Don't worry they will be around, and you should be ready for that day!

Every 6 months your routine inspection should be completed by a trained and certified company. Our technicians are trained and certified with different manufacturer's throughout the US, we can handle almost anything that arises. We take pride in going the extra mile to provide a Quality Source for Fire Protection.

Service Repairs

It is safe to use the "car repair" analogy when explaining how important it is to keep on top of deficiency repairs. Overlooking repairs required to keep your system code compliant will bring more issues to follow, and that will only make matters worse!

Our service department will quote the repairs & once approved our technicians will complete the work during a respectful time of day for your business along with notifying the Fire Marshal of the work being completed.

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