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Fire Extinguishers

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New Installations

There are many types of fire extinguishers manufactured, however each one is specifically intended for use based on the fire they are combatting. FFP abides by NFPA 10 (Latest Edition) in regard's to all Fire Extinguisher work . The most common is the ABC which you will find in your home or business, the K-Class which is for the kitchen area or food trucks handling oil, and greases. Other special extinguishers for IT rooms, data centers, airport hangars, and so on will protect your expensive equipment. FFP can provide drop shipment as well as having a technician come on site to install them.

FFP is dedicated  to educating residents & business owners we serve with the best practices so they can use them in their daily lives in order to ensure safety in the event of a fire. Fire Extinguishers play a major role in the first line of fire defense so with Farrers Fire Protection you never have to worry about if your Fire Extinguishers will function properly when the time arises.  


Fire Extinguisher inspections must be performed monthly by owners, and annually by a qualified technician in accordance with NFPA 10. Our trained technicians will not interrupt your business operations to provide inspections, any deficiencies found will be addressed prior to leaving your location so you know what corrective action needs to be taken.


On-Site Training

Farrer's Fire Protection believes that Fire defense is a form of self-defense and each business should know the basics of protecting themselves in the event of a fire they can potentially contain with a fire extinguisher.  There should be routine practice using the extinguishers for your employees on a yearly basis, FFP can come to your facility and demonstrate the use of a fire extinguisher and how to perform routine maintenance checks on them as well.

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