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Fire Extinguishers

Image by Adam Wilson

New Installations

Fire safety is crucial, and having the right fire extinguisher can make all difference. At FFP, we follow NFPA 10 guidelines for all fire extinguisher work. There are different types of extinguishers for different types of fires, such as the ABC for homes and businesses, the K-Class for kitchens, and special extinguishers for IT rooms and airports. FFP can provide drop shipment or on-site installation by a technician for your convenience.

At FFP, we take pride in educating the residents and business owners we serve with the best practices to ensure their safety in the event of a fire. We understand the importance of fire extinguishers as the first line of defense, which is why we guarantee that with Farrers Protection, you never have to worry about the functionality of your fire extinguishers when the time arises. Trust us to keep you safe.


Our team of trained technicians understands the importance of fire safety in your business. That's why we offer monthly fire extinguisher inspections by owners and annual inspections by qualified technicians in accordance with NFPA 10. We prioritize your business operations and ensure that any deficiencies found during the inspection are addressed before we leave your location, so you can take the necessary corrective.


On-Site Training

We strongly believe that fire defense is a crucial aspect of self-defense for any business. It's essential to know the basics of protecting yourself in case of a fire that can potentially be contained with a fire extinguisher. We recommend routine practice using the extinguishers for your employees on a yearly basis. FFP can come to your facility and demonstrate the use of a fire extinguisher and how to perform routine maintenance checks on them as.

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